Work From Home

What Is Needed to Run a Home Business?


Really? Your own home business, for FREE? Come on! That’s not possible!

Think again. You probably already own a desktop or laptop, and if you do, you probably have a printer. And I’ll bet you have an Internet connection, too. Most folks have a phone, either a land line or a smartphone, too. So, you already own the hardware to run a home business and that makes your startup cost, at least for hardware, basically FREE!

What else is needed? Well, you CAN get into money-making opportunities that don’t require that you own your own website. But, most people who want to be independent of a company dictating how they use their time and resources, opt to get at least one website. To do that, one needs to buy a domain name that is relevant to the type of products to be sold on the website using that domain name. There are many web hosting companies who will be happy to add you as one of their hosting customers, where the actual files for your new website are “hosted” on a server. Your local computer then uploads files to that server, to be found when visitors come to the domain name you bought, represented by a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Once you have your equipment set up, preferably in an area of your house where distractions are minimal, and you have your website set up, at least a “bare-bones” site, how do you get products to sell, and how do you design your website to sell them?

By now, you’re probably doubting that your new home business is “for FREE”. Well, let’s just say that, for the cost of a Friday-night dinner for two, you can have all the above elements of your new home business, assuming you already own the hardware. So, sacrifice a bit, and voila…you are in business!

Now, most municipalities want to have you get a Home Business License. In many cities, where the only customers are going to be online, a Home Business License for the city may only cost you $40 per year. It’s important to get one, to be legitimate.

Now that you’re a new home business owner, and those nagging questions still loom: how do you get products to sell, and how do you design your website to sell them?

Tune in next time to find out more, so you won’t be nagged by it anymore…