Work From Home

The Only Way to Work

Work-From-HomeWith all the technology that is rampant in today’s world, the only way to work is from your home. Even major corporations have caved to demands from their employees to work from home, at least part of the time. The old-school model of being “supervised” by a manager, to see that you are actually working, is increasingly unpopular these days.

So, what are the options to work from home? Well, as mentioned, you can keep your full-time “employer with employees” type of job, and hope they will let you do your work from your home, giving you more time, and at least a presence, with your family. Or, you can fill up the extra hours that may have come from your being “down-sized” to a part-time worker, with work that pays you when you work at home.

Most work-from-home opportunities are still working for a large company, where they hire you as a “contractor”, without withholding any taxes. This arrangement works for many “home business opportunities”, sometimes called “home biz opps”.

But, there IS a way to utilize a high-speed Internet connection, a state-of-the art desktop or laptop computer, and a phone, in a part of one’s house that is at least semi-private, to avoid too many distractions. This type of home business relies on selling products over the Internet, either information products or in an arrangement, called drop-shipping, where the home business owner finds the buyer and notifies the seller, who then ships the product to the buyer directly. Most of the folks who work this type of home business are paid a commission by the provider of the product as an “affiliate marketer”, so this is called affiliate marketing.

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